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The creative art of patisserie exhibited by the top chefs is breathtaking.

Pastry chefs have to be very precise with incredible attention to detail to make creations that are unique expressions of love and beauty.

Our Instagram Top Picks will leave you amazed!

Discover the breathtaking creative art of patisserie exhibited by the world’s top chefs from France to unique creations from architectural pastry chef Dinara Kasko.

Read on for inspiring videos and to find out how to take an incredible cooking class near Notre Dame right in the heart of Paris.


  1. 1 Cedric Grolet

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    Winning Best Pastry Chef 2018 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Cedric Grolet is the executive pastry chef at the two Michelin-star restaurant Le Meurice Paris

    Cedric has a slew of other awards and is one of the hottest names in the pastry industry.

    He is highly admired on Instagram with over a million followers and has tens of thousands of likes for each of his posts. 

    Growing up in the Loire Valley surrounded by quaint villages, vast vineyards and fresh produce, Cedric recalls enjoying fine food 'laid on a colourful tablecloth, coupled with lively chatter amongst townsmen'.

    Cedric says the gorgeous appearance of French patisserie captured his attention in the beginning, however he is now obsessed with the endless combinations of textures and flavours. You can read more about Cedric Grolet in the Michelin Guide

  2. 2 Claire Heitzler

    Claire Heitzler loves her desserts and came to the attention of the public as head pastry chef at Lasserre Paris from 2010 to 2015. 

    Since 2016, Claire has been the creative director of patisserie at Ladurée . She imparts her ideology of keeping everything simple yet delightfully tasty. Her pastries may look simple but they demonstrate her precision and mastery of the basics.

    Read more about Claire in this post Ladurée: World Famous Macarons

  3. 3 Dinara Kasko

    Dinara Kasko is a Ukrainian "architectural pastry chef". She graduated from the University of Architecture and Design and worked as an interior designer for a few years before deciding to combine her love for ordinary food and creative art, with the artistry of science, architecture and mathematics. 

    Dinara designs and prints unique 3D moulds for her creations. During this Ted Talk she explains her concept and creative design process along with examples of her work. This is a really worthwhile video to understand how she uses 3D printing  and technology together with her design creativity, to make cakes that are beautiful and stunningly different. 

    Dinara says she has a desire to make modern cakes that are tasty and healthy and to continue to inspire and surprise.

    Do you think she has been successful?

  4. 4 Guillaume Mabilleau

    Guillaume Mabilleau was named Best Pastry Chef of France in 2011 at the age of 28. 

    In 2012, he founded Nuances Gourmandes together with fellow pastry chef Jean-Baptiste Robin – focusing on macarons. Since then, he has created over 100 different flavours of macarons as well petit gateaus that are perfect for Instagram. 

    Guillaume Mabilleau offers master classes all over the world and also has his own YouTube channel, check it out and let us know what you think. 

  5. 5 Alain Passard

    Alain Passard is a French chef and owner of the three-star Michelin restaurant L’Arpège in Paris.  Vegetables have been the centrepieces at the Arpège since 2001 where he cooks sublime dishes using produce from his own vegetable gardens. 

    Six gardeners work at the vegetable garden in Fillé-sur-Sarthe and three people look after the vegetable garden in Bois Giroult. The garden of Porteaux, located opposite the Mont Saint Michel bay, has it’s own orchard. For the wellbeing of the gardens as well as the earth, there are two donkeys, two foals, as well as cows, chickens, and a goat.

    Alain is committed to organic gardening and says "I grow my own vegetables to be able to tell a story from the seed to the plate…and to be able to combine the chef’s touch with that of the gardener, two passionate professions! Through these gardens, I have trusted nature with my creativity; it is nature that dictates my actions. The most beautiful cookery book was written by nature itself!"

    Alain Passard patented the “Bouquet de roses” apple tart, a tart that honours both the flower and the fruit and in 2016 celebrated the 30th anniversary of his restaurant.

  6. 6 La Cuisine Paris

    The La Cuisine Paris French cooking school may not be in the same league as the top patisserie chefs, however with an envious location right in the centre of Paris on the Seine overlooking Notre Dame Cathedral, they have a really great instagram. After seeing all these wonderous delights, you might now feel the desire to stretch your own creative muscles with a French cooking class and food tour.  

    La Cuisine Paris offer a comprehensive range of classes and experiences including the Grand Classics of French Pastry, Choux Pastry, Macaron, Tartes, French Bread and more. The classes are typically 2 - 4 hours, are very reasonably priced from €69 and they are in english. If you opt for a French Bistrot Lunches class, 99, many of the menus can also be adapted for a plant based diet.

    So what will you do in a French Bistrot Lunches class? Well, you will create delicious french classics like soufflés, quiche and savory crêpes, whip up a traditional dessert and then dine overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. Wow, what could be better than that for a special, memorable lunch! 

    If elegant entertaining is more your interest, La Cuisine Paris have three experiences to create and sample french delicacies. The Île Saint-Louis à La Table experience for example, offers a culinary tour of the oldest streets in Paris, to discover your chefs favourite Fromager, épiceries and gastronomic stores, and of course to collect freshly baked baguettes to accompany your meal. You then return to La Cuisine Paris for your cooking experience and to enjoy your creations with a glass of wine overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. 

    If you love markets La Cuisine Paris also have French Market Food Tours combined with cooking classes, and yes once again you will endure the gorgeous view of the Seine and Notre Dame. 

    La Cuisine Paris have a very handy calendar of classes on their website with prices and availability. From what I can see they are booked up about a month in advance, so if you are interested in taking a class you should jump on it. 

    Make sure you comment below and let us know how fabulous it is AND join our online community, create your blog and add your photos so we can enjoy the full deliciousness of your adventure. 

    We hope you have enjoyed our instagram patisserie chef picks. 

    Please add your comments below and let us know of any other great instagram chef accounts or foodie accounts in general that you recommend. 

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