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Nifty over Fifty

Follow your Passion | Live the Dream | You only Live once

Nifty over Fifty was born out of a passion for helping over Fifty’s live their best life with passion and purpose.

Our Main Objectives

  • To connect and have a strong social network to combat potential loneliness.
  • To inform, inspire and entertain.
  • To create an online platform that makes it easy to share information.

Connecting to combat loneliness and isolation

You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely.

Loneliness is a silent epidemic that particularly impacts older people who say they feel invisible and marginalised.

Nifty over Fifty is a global online community which connects over Fifty’s to make new like-minded friends.

As Nifty over Fifty is online this means members can have social connections even if they are isolated or confined due to health or mobility.

Nifty over Fifty members can also search for members in their local area to make new friends and maybe meet for a coffee.

Within the Nifty over Fifty website, members can also create specific interest groups that operate like an online club.

Inform | Inspire | Entertain

The Nifty over Fifty online community has been created to bring like-minded ‘over Fifty’s’ with common interests together, to make new friends and share tips, creative projects, hobbies, travel stories and other passions.

Our unique group has a vast tapestry of life experiences and stories to share.

Everybody has a story to share and we all love to learn new things and pick up tips, recommendations and get feedback, which is why we make it really easy for our members to create your own blog to share your adventures, experience and knowledge.

Our Nifty over Fifty Culture

The Nifty over Fifty culture is fun, funky, modern and intelligent. We are all about learning, aging gracefully with creativity, mental and physical health, happiness and sense of purpose.

As we age, being social, adopting an attitude of curiosity and continuous lifelong learning, doing things you enjoy and challenging yourself with new  ideas and experiences keeps your brain connections healthy and vital.

Nifty over Fifty is about being proud of your journey, open-minded and enthusiastic to step out of your comfort zone, and being open to possibilities and new opportunities to follow your passion and live your dream.

– We are proud of our journey and are positive and vibrant.
– We feel excited to fulfil our sense of purpose and embark on new adventures.
– We are open-minded and enthusiastic to learn.
– Our lives have taught us great resilience, we are creative and strive for happiness.

Join Nifty over Fifty to meet like-minded new friends, connect, share and maybe try something new.

Join your Nifty over Fifty community through the website

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How you can help.

We need your support to grow the community as VIP Foundation Members.

As we are new, please tell your friends about Nifty over Fifty and invite them to be part of this exciting new journey as we grow our over Fifty’s exclusive network.

Interested in becoming a partner or sponsor?

Please email hello@niftyoverfifty.com

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