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Top tips to enjoy the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Anchorage and the surrounding area. 1 min

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Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with a population of 298,695 and in the height of summer basks in 22 hours of sunlight.

Juneau the next largest and capital of Alaska has nearly 33,000 and next is Fairbanks with closer to 32,000. Sitka’s population is only 8,863.

Wonderful excursions to Flattop Mountain, Eklutna Lake Crow Creek Mine and the Alaska Native Heritage Centre all within 1 hour of Anchorage.

Many cruises begin or end in Anchorage (from the ports at Seward or Whittier).

The picturesque cruise port and fishing outpost of Seward is a great place to step into the wilderness of the Kenai Peninsula to observe Alaskan wildlife. Drive, take a tour or ride the majestic Alaskan Railroad.

This video provides an incredible overview of the Anchorage area and is a great inspiration to start planning your trip to The Last Frontier.

Be inspired for a New Adventure!

Would you like tips to help your travel budget go further?

Anchorage has a lot of Big Alaska Adventures for a nice small price. You don’t have to take expensive tours to get great nature and wildlife experiences.

See our 10 Budget Travel Tips for Anchorage that are free or under $25!

Explore the local area, meet locals, discover gardens, nature trails and wildlife. Unearth the real Alaska and tick-off many of your life-list experiences and create unforgettable memories.

Latest Deals to help you plan your trip to Alaska

Find Anchorage Accommodation by Location

Use our handy location map to choose the accommodation that suits you best.

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