Peek behind the scenes and learn the secrets of the world famous The Ritz London

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Have you have ever wanted to know more about the iconic, world famous, prestigious 5-star The Ritz London hotel?

Well-known symbol of high society and luxury, The Ritz London is centrally located in Piccadilly’s West End near tourist attractions, shops, theatres, parks, gardens, museums and entertainment venues.

We’ll peek behind the curtain with a tour of glitz, glamour and luxurious opulence, hear about creative culinary flair from Executive Chef, John Williams MBE, learn how to make your own Ritz creations to impress your guests and discover behind the scenes what it takes to serve guests at The Ritz London.

Would you like to take a walk through The Ritz London? Come on, lets start with a quick tour of the luxurious Ritz London and uncover the secrets that have seduced guests for more than 100 years.



Welcome! Enjoy your The Ritz London Tour

For over a century this London landmark at 150 Piccadilly, has been setting the standard for discerning guests. Enjoy this Ritz London behind the scenes tour - visit the Tivoli Bar, restaurants, luxurious suites and opulent decor and design that has made The Ritz London world famous. 

The Creation of César Ritz

Opened in 1906 by Swiss hotelier César Ritz, The Ritz London is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, which is an organisation that was established in 1928 with a commitment to providing remarkable travel experiences.

"We select hotels specifically with curious travelers in mind to meet their high standards for quality and distinctiveness. The result is a curated portfolio of independent hotels united not by what makes them the same, but the remarkable details that make them different."

- The Leading Hotels of the World

The look of the Ritz reflects the super rich of the early 1900’s who wanted to see their wealth mirrored in their surroundings. Subtlety and discretion weren’t the fashion.  

César Ritz, the 13th child of a Swiss shepherd, rose from cleaning dishes in Paris to managing The Savoy in London. He then conceived The Ritz to satisfy the whims of the rich with bling Edwardian style and created an escape to live fantasies reminiscent of Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles.

Tea at The Ritz London

Dining Delights of The Ritz London

The Ritz Restaurant is Michelin-starred haute cuisine in a spectacular setting of sparkling chandeliers and towering marble pillars, with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the calm oasis of Green Park in the centre of London.

The Ritz Restaurant

The Ritz Secret Garden Bar is an elegant secluded oasis for alfresco dining and is open from mid May to mid September and is a perfect spot for a sunny lunch, sipping cocktails or dining at night under twinkling lights and candles amongst the olive trees and fragrant lavender.

Reservations are available daily from 11.00am to 9.30pm, guests must be over 16 and there is a minimum spend of £19 per person.

The Rivoli Bar is an intimate cocktail lounge open from 1130am Monday to Saturday and 12pm Sunday, reservations are not taken and smart casual attire is suitable however trainers are not permitted.

The Menu includes caviar, vintage champagnes, cocktails, canapes, sandwiches, Rivoli Classics and desserts.

World Renowned Afternoon Tea, a quintessential British experience served in the spectacular Palm Court with glittering chandeliers and an elegant ambience enhanced by a resident pianist and harpest to make your experience unforgettable.

Served daily at 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm, and 7.30pm priced from £58 for adults and from £35 for children, reservations are required in advance.

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Podcast with Graham Norton and Executive Chef John Williams MBE

If you enjoy podcasts, this is a great interview between highly entertaining Graham Norton and John Williams, who has been the Executive Chef of The Ritz London since 2004. 

Going behind the scenes, Graham Norton uncovers what it takes to be the Executive Chef of one of the most well-known and prestigious hotels in the world. 

Click here to listen to the interview now or continue to read more ...

A Geordie from a hard, working-class background and family of six, John always loved food and grew up even as a young lad, being very particular about the presentation of food. At a time when being a chef was considered "girly," John took the opportunity to study catering at college.  Whilst his peers at school would end up as fishermen, shipbuilders or down the mines he was adamant, "I want to cook."

Fast forward to 1985,  John was a young chef at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. One day he emerged from London's Green Park tube station and began strolling along Piccadilly.  As he reached iconic Ritz Hotel he began to imagine the beautiful china and food inside and it was then that he promised himself "I'll work at The Ritz one day."

He had to wait a couple of decades before joining The Ritz, not as a chef, but as the chef in charge of the chefs. He says he counts himself as "the luckiest man in the world".

Click here to listen to the interview between Graham Norton and John Williams, Executive Chef, The Ritz London, to learn how he got started and developed his creative culinary flair. 

John Williams - Executive Chef The Ritz London

Create Your Own Ritz London Dishes at Home

To help you on your own culinary journey, John Williams, Executive Chef at The Ritz London, has created The Ritz London Cookbook, which is a collection of recipes for dishes served to guests at The Ritz, which you can recreate right in your own home.

John says that with care, preparation and by hitting the right temperatures when it comes time to present, the dishes will be beautiful.

The Ritz London - The Cookbook features 100 delectable favourites from afternoon tea in The Palm Court, canapes and cocktails from The Rivoli Bar and specialities from William Kent House, which holds private functions and banquets.

The book is divided into the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.  

Each season begins with a unique cocktail and canapé pairing followed by first courses, main courses and desserts. 

Interspersed in the recipes are special features on subjects from tea to truffles.

John invites you to "flick through the pages of his book to discover a dish that brightens your life as you make it, serve it and of course savour it."

Recipes range from the simple to the seasonal, to the signature and the sublime.

Get Your The Ritz London - The Cookbook

THE RITZ LONDON - The Cookbook, can be ordered directly from for UK deliveries.

If you are not in the UK then order from Amazon or Booktopia to have it delivered right to your door for either yourself or as a special gift for the ultimate food lover.

John says his life is about haute cuisine, which to him means so much more than "fine dining" which is a phrase he does not like. So what is Haute Cuisine according to John Williams, Executive Chef at The Ritz Hotel?

"Haute cuisine defines a style, a certain feeling, sensation and taste."

"Haute cuisine epitomizes true gastronomy and purity."

Sunday Lunch at The Ritz London

Behind the Scenes: What it takes to be a waiter at The Ritz London

The Ritz London has one of the best reputations in the world with famous actors, politicians and even Royalty dining here. Opening over 100 years ago it still keeps its very strict rules not just for its staff but also for its guests, who have to be dressed smartly just to eat here.

Barney and Jake have the challenge of serving at a Ritz London charity event. After spending 5 days with modern day butler Tony Baker, they are ready to don the uniform. 

Waiters at The Ritz train for years, so take a look behind the scenes as Barney and Jake are taken through their paces and see how they go!

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