Ladurée: World Famous Macarons

Paris - Your Macaron Mission | To try every flavour until you find your favourite!1 min


One of my favourite images of Paris is taking the time to relax, socialise and absorb Parisian life from an elegant street-side café. Delicate, perfectly balanced patisserie are part of this wonderful experience and for me macaron are a favourite-anytime-treat and your macaron mission is to try every flavour until you find your favourite!


The French luxury bakery, Ladurée, are credited as the birthplace of macaron, and now their endless flavour combinations for the exquisite bite sized pastry are world famous.

Why don’t you set yourself a fun mission next time you are in Paris or elsewhere in France, to sample and rate macaron as you work your way around fabulously winding streets, cafés and patisserie?

Perhaps you could start with one of the Ladurée stores or restaurants and as you discover other wonderful patisserie, blog about your experiences and add your photos to your Nifty over Fifty blog and online journal.




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