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Join your Nifty over Fifty community hub to:

  • share your story
  • make new like-minded friends
  • follow your passion and
  • live your dream, because … you only live once!

Nifty over Fifty is a movement that celebrates your life experience.

We believe in strategies that add years to your life and life to your years.

Nifty over Fifty is a group that encourages and supports ‘over Fifty’s’ to follow your passion and live your life to the full. We challenge the common perception that you should slow down – age is just a number and now is your time.

Your Nifty over Fifty online community is not limited by geographical location, so globally people with common interests can connect, make friends, share tips, creative projects, hobbies, travel and other passions.

Add your city to your profile and you can connect with like-minded people and make new friends where you live and maybe set up a meeting for a cup of coffee.

Nifty over Fifty embraces getting older as a natural process to be proud of. If you relate to our purpose and positive vibe for creativity, mental and physical health and happiness we would love you to join – you do not strictly have to be over fifty.

Our Aim - to inform, inspire and entertain

Everybody has a story to share and we all love to learn new things and pick up tips, recommendations and get feedback, which is why we make it really easy for you to create your own blog to share your adventures, experience and knowledge.

Connect for new opportunities to follow your passion and live your dream with fulfilment and purpose.

As we age continuing to be curious and maintaining lifelong learning and strong social relationships, keeps you happy, fulfilled, healthy and vital.

Join Nifty over Fifty to meet like-minded new friends, connect, share and maybe try something new.

The are 2 VIP Member options, both with great benefits.

Join as a VIP Member to share and connect.

Access Member Deals and our Nifty over Fifty Social Network to make new friends and share your story.

Create your online journal – to share your interests, experiences and to interact with other members. Comment on member blog posts, create and join Nifty over Fifty website Groups  – ALL FREE.

Join as a VIP Member +Blogger to receive all the benefits of a VIP Member PLUS additional +Blogger benefits which include: create your own blog, quizzes, listicles and private messaging. As a VIP Member +Blogger your blog posts will be shared on the Nifty over Fifty website and with our social share buttons you can easily share them to your Facebook and other social networks. All this and it’s – FREE

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Once you click the ‘Register Me’ button all you do is add your email and a password.

You’ll receive an email to activate your account and that is it, so easy!

Now just log in and explore.

Checkout our helpful tips:

Tips to Get Started and Set Up Your Profile

Start Your Own Blog

To strengthen your connections:

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Join our Nifty over Fifty Facebook Group

We are new and love positive comments and if there is something that you think needs attention, please let us know that too as we are always striving to improve.

Please contact us via our contact form or via

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