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Welcome to Nifty over Fifty, the #1 place for over fifty’s to make new like minded friends and to share your incredible wealth of life experiences.

Our aim is that you will be entertained, informed and inspired to follow your passion and live your dream.

Welcome to Nifty over Fifty

Please enjoy our Welcome to Nifty over Fifty Video.

Learn more about our community and the easy steps to join and activate your account.

If you do not see your activation email check your junk / spam folder as sometimes these types of emails are incorrectly placed into the wrong folder by email providers.

On a tablet, ipad or mobile phone, which all have smaller screens than a personal computer or laptop, additional menu items and the ‘Compose’ button are accessed via the drop-down burger menu, which is signified by 3 horizontal lines on the top left of your screen.


Set up Your User Profile

This video shows you step by step how to quickly set up your Profile so that other members can get to know you.

When you add a short Biography, this will be added to the bottom of your blog posts.

Adding your interests shows other members what interests you share and if you add your location you have the option to send a personal message to meet up for a coffee.

Your Profile area contains your ‘About Me’, notifications, submissions, achievements, groups, Timeline Posts and where you can also send and receive friend requests and private messages to/from members.

Once you are all set up – Connect and Share!

Fun things to do: Share information on your Timeline, by Blog Post or even create a fun Quiz.

Connect with other members by commenting and voting on their Blog Posts and Timelines.

Everyone has something to share!



Create Your Own Blog

Creating your own blog and sharing your story is easy!

This video shows you how to create your Blog Post using either the Compose Button, Create Your Own Blog Button in the side bar or directly from your Profile.

Use the Story or Listicle formats – listicles are fun, flexible and a great way to  showcase your pictures and to create posts like “10 Top Tips for Paris”.

You can mix it up with a variety of different styles.

  • Share travel stories, tips and recommendations
  • Share hobbies, sports, outdoor adventures and creative projects
  • Share tips about where you live, everyone loves recommendations from a local
  • Share your foodie knowledge with favourite recipes and dining experiences
  • The list is endless …

Sharing your experiences and knowledge is really helpful and inspiring for others who may like to give it a try.

Not sure what to write or how to get started with your blog? Try these suggestions to Get Started.

Share your story on your timeline and your blog, connect, have fun and enjoy your creative journey!



Join or Create a Group

This video guide shows you how to connect by joining or creating a group to share your specific interests.


Send a Friend Request or Personal Message

Connect with Nifty over Fifty’s who share common interests.

Make new friends and share your experiences.

This video guide shows you how to send a friend request and a private message within our Nifty over Fifty community.

Try searching for members who share your interests, or by location to see who may like to meet up for a coffee.


Nifty over Fifty is your community hub to:

  • share your story
  • make new friends
  • follow your passion and
  • live your dream, because …

you only live once!

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